NET Robot MC92

Electric box with a crochet hook to introduce the net and a set of combination spanners used for the adjustment of the machine in case of the bottle size change. On the back inside of the electric box there are two sets of heating elements and some screws By moving the potentiometer, the operator can adjust the incandescence of the heating elements. DON'T WORK AT THE MAXIMUM INTENSITY. The heating elements must have red-cherry colour. Using the crochet hook the operator introduces the net thrugh the guide hole. It must be graduated with the centred bottle at 6 or 7 cm.
Introducing the net through the tensor adjustment it is important to use all the curves in order to obtain a perfect working tension.Start of netting aplication process. Take the ends of the net with both hands and then fit the net on the bottle neck. PULL THE NET FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM KEEPING THE HANDS AS CLOSE TO THE BOTTLE AS POSSIBLE until you fill the resistance of the material. Make a double knot below the bottle and assure the fixing of the net.
Move forward the heating elements up to the end. Cut softly the upper and the lower parts of the net. Hold the remaining of the material without tension while cutting. The upper resistance must pass a 15mm. from the bottle. When te bottle is ready take it out.